7th Army Training Command holds first Commanding General’s Summertime Nutritional Competition



Story by Spc. Ryan Barnes 

7th Army Training Command

ANSBACH, Germany- U.S. Army Capt. Amanda Cain, the chief of Nutrition Care Services of Bavaria with Medical Activity, and Master Sgt. Timothy Baker, the senior culinary management NCO and food advisor for 7th Army Training Command (7ATC), are part of the grading team the first annual Commanding General’s Summertime Nutritional Competition Ansbach, Germany, Sept. 11, 2019.

Staff Sgt. Jose Montero, the assistant manager of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade dining facility (DFAC), gave Cain and Baker a tour and talked about the food the team prepares for Soldiers and civilians.

“A lot of soldiers I meet complain and say they can’t eat healthy at the DFAC. Untrue,” said Cain. “There is always choice and balance. Choose to eat a clean protein and a healthy starch.”

7ATC is holding the Commanding General’s Summertime Nutritional Competition in an effort to promote nutritional awareness and the healthy eating habits of Soldiers through the months of September and October.

The graders of the competition are looking for a three entrée menu with a vegetarian option; two starches, two vegetables, a healthy desert option, and a salad bar. All garnishes on display must not only be creative but edible. Nutritional information that emphasizes the performance triad must also be on display.

“The performance triad focuses on three main things,” said Baker. “Getting effective sleep, proper exercise, and proper nutrition. Nutrition is critical. Eating right naturally enhances performance.”

Soldiers have to be able to perform their best at all times. The foods Soldiers choose to eat plays a huge role in how they are able to perform their duties.

“How we think about meals here is we try to focus on missions,” said Montero. “If we have guys going on land navigation, we provide more carbs and protein. On slower days we use leaner meats.”

7ATC will be selecting the most nutritionally compliant dining facility that best meets the Commanding General’s standards of nutrition. The winner of the Summertime Nutritional Competition is scheduled to be announced within 90 days of the last DFAC grading.

“It looks easy but it takes months of planning to provide a nutritious meal,” said Montero.

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