Tracking Subsistence Sales Data

One2OneUs Knows Your Sales, Do you?

One2OneUS has been tracking manufacturers’ sales to DLA Troop Support for sixteen years.  Have you been availing yourself of all the services and tools that One2OneUS can provide?  There are reports for manufacturing reps to track their product sales and dashboards that show product sales history versus the current sales.  These great tools are available for these reps to see their products trending across the DLA Troop Support– 24/7/365.

The marketing and trending reports identify not only the military service branch or regions, but the individual DoDAAC (Department of Defense Activity Address Code) as well.  What was the last product the Foodservice Officer bought?  When was the last time they bought it and how many units?  Are they buying your product or another manufacturer’s product?  What is the mix?  Is your product enjoying a favorable position or do you have work to do?

Based on reviewing our activity logs, many reps are not taking advantage of the tools that One2OneUS offers.  This may be due to new reps not being familiar with the website tools, long time reps that have forgotten that they are available, or maybe the reps do not know how to interpret the data presented on the website.  These reps can contact One2OneUS for support to make sure they are getting full benefit of their investment in One2OneUS.

Do you have a special information need?  Maybe you need sales or marketing information for a promotion/event, or you need help to track deviated pricing, rebates and allowances. The easy-to-use portable dashboards present the data in grids, charts and graphs.  One2OneUS can also provide custom reports such as commission reports and equipment maintenance interval reports.  Contact us directly as it is highly probable that we can help you achieve the report you need.

Maybe you think your product sales are too small at the present time to work with a broker.  One2OneUS Marketing Analysis Reporting can help you focus your sales and marketing efforts.  This reporting analyzes the depth and breadth of your products within the military.

One2OneUS regularly schedules training on how to use the One2OneUS website.  We also provide consultation services on how to interpret the data and use it effectively to build your product presence within DLA Troop Support.

Don’t hesitate to make One2OneUS a partner in managing your sales efforts.  Let us help you improve your military sales position along with helping the DLA Troop Support manage the procurement of products that benefit the military.

For exclusive access to your information or training needs, contact Jeff at One2OneUS


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