Subsistence industry partners, academia share ideas to improve warfighter support

Photo By Alexandria Brimage-Gray | DLA Troop Support Subsistence employees listen to a presentation about a plasma misting system for produce disinfection during the Subsistence University Campaign of Learning event Dec. 10, 2019, in Philadelphia. The event provided a platform for Subsistence industry partners and academia to share information and answer questions on their ongoing research and development efforts. (Photo by Alexandria Brimage-Gray)



Story by Alexandria Brimage-Gray 

Defense Logistics Agency

Employees from across the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support gathered for a research and development ”show and tell” during a Subsistence University Campaign of Learning event Dec. 10 in Philadelphia.

The DLA Troop Support Subsistence supply chain’s Strategic Material Sourcing Group hosted the event to provide a platform for industry partners and academia to share information and answer questions about their ongoing R&D efforts to improve the agency’s warfighter support.

The intent of the program is for R&D leads for Subsistence projects to give updates and discuss the work they are doing across the supply chain, Janine Samoni, Subsistence SMSG division chief, said.

“We have some projects that are affecting operational rations, while others are affecting the supply chain itself in terms of figuring out ways to move and receipt products, and improve accountability for the customer,” she said. “Some of [the projects] are completely new to DLA, where we are modernizing the way we do our business [in Subsistence].”

The program included seven presentations from various industry topics such as:
◾Milk shelf-life extension
◾Demand planning and software modernization projects
◾Inter-agency compatible food management system
◾Meals Ready-to-Eat heater and water purification system
◾Fresh fruits and vegetables disinfection process
◾Nutrient-dense, highly portable and compact nutritional supplement bar

Michael Agovino, a Subsistence supply chain contracting officer who attended the event, said he was very interested in the government research and designs presented.

“It is great to see how the government has a big hand in building new technologies to keep our country safe and strong,” Agovino said. “If the government has a hand in building it, then eventually it enters the commercial market.”

The program concluded with an overview of the DLA R&D program by Gloria Edwards, DLA Research and Development Subsistence Network program manager, who encouraged the presenters to continue in their efforts.

“R&D projects provide applied technology to fund analysis that validates significant additions, modifications or enhancements to existing software or business processes that transfer to our military customers,” Edwards said. “We cannot do what we do without industry and academia supporting our R&D program.”

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