Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor opens new galley for SWFPAC Sailors, Marines

Photo By Petty Officer 2nd Class Jessica Tukes | 201105-N-HA101-0006 NAVAL BASE KITSAP-BANGOR, Wash. (Nov. 5, 2020) - Naval Base Kitsap Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Brandon Thomas and Food Service Specialist Steve Gazda prepare lunches in the new Waterfront Security Facility Force II galley. Located on NBK-Bangor’s lower base, WSFF II is the second waterfront location from which Bangor’s security forces conduct Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific operations. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jessica C. Tukes/Released)



Story by Petty Officer 2nd Class Jessica Tukes 

Naval Base Kitsap 

Sailors and Marines assigned to Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific and U.S. Marine Corps Security Force Battalion, Bangor now have their own fully loaded dining facility on Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor.

Located on Bangor’s lower base, construction of the Waterfront Security Force Facility II galley finished in early October, and is the second waterfront location from which Bangor’s security personnel perform operations.

WSFF II was built to accommodate service members supporting SWFPAC operations, and to provide a variety of fresh, nutritious, quality meals to said personnel.

“This dining facility started as a warming kitchen to assist in feeding Marines and Sailors while supporting the SWFPAC mission,” said Jason Selby, MCSFBN Bangor facility manager. “We decided it would be a great quality-of-life project to ensure the Marines and Sailors were receiving hot chow in the building they were working and living, rather than eating warm to-go meals cooked and delivered from a different facility.”

SWFPAC engineers, Sara Anderson and Samuel Merritt led WSFF II construction, which began Nov. 11, 2019. The project team was comprised of several personnel, including military, civilians, and contractors.

Selby acknowledged the Marines and Sailors who provided additional support in getting the project completed on schedule by saying “we would like to recognize our young Sailors and Marines [who] conducted the escorts daily to ensure the project stayed within the timeline required.”

The new dining facility’s seating capacity is normally 25 patrons when not in COVID-19 protocol. Sailors and civilian employees make up its staff, who helps serve 80 to 100 meals per dining time.

“These galleys are run by the Sailors from the NBK [Trident Inn] galley who work long hours ensuring Marines and Sailors are offered the same type of food they would receive if they were eating at the trident galley on upper base,” Selby said. “The galleys on lower base also provide midnight ration meals for Sailors and Marines standing watch overnight and [sleeping] during the day.”

In addition to ensuring personnel regularly receive proper meals, the galley staff ensures Marines and Sailors can enjoy the same special meals and events as hosted at Trident to include cake cutting ceremonies for the Navy and Marine Corps birthdays, as well as any cultural observances throughout the year.

WSFF II makes up NBK-Bangor’s fourth dining facility dedicated to serving its personnel.

Naval Base Kitsap is the largest naval organization in Navy Region Northwest. Its mission is to serve as the host command for the U.S. Navy’s fleet throughout West Puget Sound, and provide base operating services, including support for surface ships, submarines and shore commands homeported at Bangor, Bremerton, Jackson Park, Keyport and Manchester. NBK will continue to be the best place to serve in the Navy.

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