Healthy Living, One Bite At A Time

Brig. Gen. Lance G. Curtis and Master Sgt. Jamel C. Fulks, the command team for 3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, smile as they serve food to their Soldiers during a tactical dining-in at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, Mar. 26, 2022. Curtis hosted the event to uphold U.S. military customs and traditions, foster camaraderie and esprit de corps, and acknowledge the unit’s accomplishments during its deployment in support of 1st Theater Sustainment Command.



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35th Infantry Division

One of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle is nutrition and diet. The food you eat is arguably the most important part toward healthy living, also it shapes how you feel and perform.

“Diet is very important to a person’s health,” said Sgt. Daphne Weston, non-commissioned officer in-charge of the nutrition and care at the Health and Wellness Center on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. “You can’t out exercise a bad diet.”

The Health and Wellness Center provides service members with knowledge and guidance to maintain or improve their eating habits.

“Our mission is patient first,” said Weston. “We do not judge the patient. Our main goal is to educate and assist patients.”

The Health and Wellness Center can even provide individualized nutritional plans based on your blood sugar and cholesterol.

“We can monitor your glucose and lipid levels,” said Weston. “Just make an appointment ahead of time, don’t eat breakfast the day of your appointment, come in and we’ll see where you’re at health wise and go from there.”

“ is a good resource,” said Weston. “It shows that our plates should have more fruits and vegetables than grains and protein.”

Sgt. Weston has some advice for anyone interested in eating better.

“A really good tip for soldiers and their families is moderation,” said Weston. “We can eat cookies every once in a while, but that’s the thing to remember – once in a while.”

“Little changes in our lives make all the difference,” said Weston. “Choosing to walk or bike to work or drinking water instead of a coke. Those small changes add up to big lifestyle changes.”

While not as popular as exercise, small changes to your daily nutrition can build toward a big gains toward a healthier life.

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