Local group does lunch with Thunder

DONGDUCHEON, 41, SOUTH KOREA 06.21.2022 Photo by Staff Sgt. Felix Mena 210th Field Artillery Brigade Subscribe4 Col. Wade Germann, the 210th Field Artillery Brigade Commander enjoys a bowl of noodles with the "Stepping Stones of Love" director Mr. Lee Soo Young on Camp Casey, South Korea, 22 June, 2022. Lee owns a noodle restaurant and started the group "Stepping Stones to Love" to use noodles to show appreciation to people in the community. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Felix Mena, 210 FAB PAO)



Story by Sgt. Willis Hobbs 

210th Field Artillery Brigade  

CAMP CASEY, Republic of Korea – Soldiers from the 210 Field Artillery Brigade are treated to a Black Bean Noodle lunch put on by a local community volunteer group at Camp Casey, South Korea, 22 June, 2022.
The “Stepping Stones to Love” organization is a local community volunteer group who provides meals to groups to show appreciation for their services. For the event on Camp Casey, the group provided a food truck that served black bean jajangmyeon noodles to over 200 Soldiers. This event was put on as a way to show thanks to the U.S. Soldiers for their service in the Republic of Korea.
“This is the way for our community partners to show their appreciation to American Soldiers serving in the Republic of Korea,” said Capt. Kyle O’Grady, the 210 Field Artillery Brigade Civil Affairs Officer. “This is my first time trying jajangmyeon so I am really looking forward to it!”
Jajangmyeon is a traditional South Korean noodle dish that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years, where noodles are served with a sauce made from black beans.
The event was held inside of a warehouse located on Camp Casey where a food truck was set up to serve the service-members. After a speech from the Stepping Stones to Love Director, Mr. Lee Soo Young, those in attendance started to enjoy the meals that were brought for them.
“I am the owner of a restaurant that specializes in jajangmyeon, so this event here at Camp Casey is a way for me to give something back to the U.S. Soldiers who are here defending the Republic of Korea,” said Lee Soo Young “Americans typically eat pasta noodles with a red or white sauce, so to have noodles with black bean sauce might be something new to them. We have served this to Soldiers at the JSA and they loved it, so I am sure they will also love it here at Camp Casey.”
The event concluded with the Soldiers as well as the Stepping Stones to Love team members having full stomachs and hearts. The food as well as the company was very much appreciated by the personnel in attendance and showed them that what they do day in and day out is important to people.

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