Washington Guard unit receives coveted Phillip A. Connelly Award

Photo By Pfc. Elaina Nieves | U.S. Army Capt. Jacob Guenther, commander of Delta Company, 141st Brigade Support Battalion, 96th Troop Command, talks with members of his company after being presented the Washington Army National Guard Culinary Award at Joint Base Lewis-McCord, Wash. on March 4, 2023. The company will move on to regionals which will be a timed two-day event. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by PFC Elaina Nieves)  



Story by Joseph Siemandel  

Joint Force Headquarters – Washington National Guard 

The culinary specialists with Delta Company, 141st Brigade Support Battalion, 96th Troop Command take pride in feeding soldiers and were recently recognized for their work during March drill with the coveted Phillip A. Connelly Award in the Field Category.

“The competition was a challenge. Being able to win this was a direct result of hard work on the solders’ part,” said Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Noel, culinary management non-commissioned officer. “A lot of creative thinking went into how to execute a very challenging meal. It built confidence in their skill sets and removed any doubts they may have had about how well trained they are at doing this.”

The Department of the Army and the International Food Service Executives Association established the Phillip A. Connelly Memorial Awards Program in 1968. The award is designed to improve food service operations and recognize the best mess halls in the Army. The program is named in honor of the late Phillip A. Connelly, a former president of International Food Service Executives Association.

The award is presented to the best Active Duty and Reserve/National Guard Garrison and Field Kitchens in the Army. Delta Company’s win in the Field Feeding category was evaluated on administration/training supervision, headcount operations, request/receipt and storage of rations, field sanitation, command support, appearance, serving troop acceptability, kitchen site selection/layout, maintenance of equipment and food preparation and quality.

The objectives of the Phillip A. Connelly are to improve the professionalism of food service personnel, thus providing the best quality food service to supported diners. It also provides recognition for excellence in the preparation and serving of food in Army dining facilities and field kitchen operations while providing incentives to competitive programs adding a higher level of competition and recognition. Winners also are able to take part in higher level culinary competitions.

“The next round is a two-day event. The first day is a timed event on setting up their containerized kitchen, and then day two is the meal operations. National Guard Bureau and Department of the Army pick the menu. So that way it’s universal and every team is using the same menu as a foundation,” said Master Sgt. Melissa Turner, state food program manager and JFHQ senior culinary management non-commissioned officer. “The uniformity allows us to base our scores off the same meal. There are three evaluators for each event.”

Turner believes that a large part of the unit’s success is the approach to mentoring the younger culinary specialists in the Washington Army National Guard.

“Part of the job of evaluating is also mentorship. You have the warrant officers there to provide technical advice and then we have the senior enlisted as part of the evaluators, and that part is mentoring them during the process,” said Taylor.

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