Bringing the Heat



Photo by Sgt. Daniel Lopez 

82nd Airborne Division Sustainment Brigade 

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The Philip A. Connelly Program is the personification of food service excellence executed by culinary specialists resulting in the presentation of extremely gratifying dining experiences across all U.S. Army food service platforms in garrison and field environments.

The purpose of the Connelly program is to improve professionalism of food service personnel. Creating the best quality food service for diners. This program also promotes and improves the Army food service by providing competition, incentives, professional training and media coverage.

This year’s competition will take place March 05, 2024, from 0530-1300. The judges are tasked with evaluating 52 different categories with a maximum score of 1000. Categories include appearance and attitude of soldiers, food preparation, and quality, food safety, and administrative tasks.

Teams that win the competition are awarded Certificates of Achievement at the conclusion of the evaluation. Two team members will attend the NRA annual conference and awards ceremony in Chicago to be presented with a trophy and plague. One junior NCO and two junior Soldiers will attend a one-week training exercise at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, CA.

This years competing dining facilities are located in Korea, Germany, Alaska, two Warrior restaurants in Washington, and of course your local Providers Warrior Cafe.

The last time the 82nd Sustainment Brigade won this title was in 2019. This year these paratroopers are ready and challenge their competitors to bring their best, because these providers are bringing the heat.

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