Jerry Thornton has spent 50 years in the food business, starting as a dishwasher at 14. Manufacturing was his first calling, working as a mechanic, a machinist and a stationary engineer. He combined those skills to move to plant construction, building and managing soft drink factories on both coasts. After working in management for a time, Jerry moved into a start up endeavor, building a pasta operation with factories on both coasts with 400 employees under his supervision. When the company was purchased he chose a new career, publishing.

For the last 30+ years Jerry has been reporting on events in the world of Military Food Service, detailing the constant change within this segment of the Department of Defense. As a result, he has become known as someone who has a unique perspective within the markets we serve, seeing things from every angle. The web site we’ve developed “Military Provisioner” is designed to provide the supply chain, from manufacturers to end users, a “go to” place for data, information, perspective and clarity. There is often a lack of communication within the Government food service arena, and we hope that “The Military Provisioner can offer understanding where it is missing.