USAFA Smart Fueling Initiative


The Air Force Services Center’s dedication to their Healthy Food Initiative (HFI) continues to turnip positive results. As part of HFI, Smart fueling implements collaborative efforts with AAFES, DeCA and Defense Logistics Agency to further improve the food environment/create awareness/educate consumers on healthier food options across installations. Beginning just in thyme for this school year, USAFA Cadets are provided a healthy variety of grab-and-go options throughout the day thanks to the opening of the Falcon Express and Falcon Express Sunrise. The choice architecture of this recent addition has proven to reduce significant food waste as individual portion sizes are loaded to each case vs. the previously large family sized offerings. Options that once consisted of processed, sugar and fat laden cereal and snack bars are now replaced by dietitian recommended whole food varieties that the eggcited Cadets praise as “Game-Changing”.

USAFA’s host FSS witnessed positive behavior changes since introducing the concepts, stating that the dining experience has been “greatly enhanced”. Over 700 Cadets provided feedback, each of which stated 100% satisfaction for this dining addition. With an added 26 hours per week of access to these nutritious options, it is easy to see why cadets appreciate the solution offered to them for finding healthy options outside of their set mealtime and budget. In addition, this lowers both consumption and spending on less desirable and nourishing food items that have plagued Cadet’s bottom line and waistline. Cadet parents have even provided praise and thanks about these express options during Parents’ Weekend. As USAFA continues to romaine innovatively agile in force support capabilities, this addition demonstrates the Air Force wide commitment to fuel the lethality of our human weapon systems.

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