Field feeding academy helps combat cooks sustain Soldiers

Photo by Takarra Terry A Soldier with the 287th Quartermaster Field Feeding Co., STB, 3IDSB, inspects an M59 field range during the Field Feeding Academy on Fort Stewart, Oct. 28.

Soldiers with the 287th Quartermaster Field Feeding Company, Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade, attended a Field Feeding Academy Oct. 28 to Nov. 1 on Fort Stewart.

“We are taking this thing to a new level, proving that we are more than just 92 Golfs (Culinary Specialist), but that we are combat cooks and we are here to stay,” said 1st. Sgt. Fenecia Council, first sergeant of 287th QM FFC.

The five-day training was broken down with two days of training on equipment and two days of noncommissioned officer-led, hands-on training and certifications.

“We’re working on platoon level leadership and for sergeants and below to build confidence and knowledge with field feeding equipment,” said Council. “The reason we train is to increase Soldier’s confidence in their job and to become more proficient in field feeding.”

For Soldiers new to the culinary specialist field the academy was also a chance to receive training in a non-demanding environment on equipment and procedures they may not be familiar with.

“Going over the AK, better known as the assault kitchen, was refreshing,” said Pfc. Ryan T. Smith with 287th QM FFC. “I’m glad that we are going over these pieces of equipment some of my battles never knew how they operated.”

Soldiers that usually work in the Marne Bistro dining facility were also able to experience different aspects of their job.

“I liked the different equipment, I have never worked on a combat kitchen or assault kitchen before and I enjoyed the experience,” said Spc. Dania J. Castro, a culinary specialist with 287th QM FFC.

The last day of the academy finished with a wing cook off competition among six squads judged by the Sustainment Brigade’s senior leaders.

The teams were tasked to create a wing dish using a small range of components cooked on an M59 field range in under an hour and a half. At the end, only one team could prove victorious with team six finishing ahead of the others and winning a three-day pass from the brigade commander.

The runners up were awarded Certificates of Achievement.

In the end, the five days of training will better prepare the 287th Soldiers for their upcoming role to ‘Feed the Rock’ during the upcoming Marne Focus training exercise.

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