JBC Dining Facility Fully Supports Air Force Reserve Drill Weekend

Photo By Tech. Sgt. Shellby Matullo | The Robert D. Gaylor Dining Facility serves meals to Reserve and active duty Airmen, civilians, family members and contractors Feb. 7, 2020, on Joint Base Charleston, SC. The Robert D. Gaylor Dining Facility is named after the fifth chief master sergeant of the Air Force and normally serves 5000 meals during the week, increasing to roughly 6000 meals during drill weekends. (U.S. Air Force Photo by Tech. Sgt. Shellby Matullo)  see less | View Image Page



Story by Tech. Sgt. Shellby Matullo 

4th Combat Camera Squadron 

The Robert D. Gaylor Dining Facility located on Joint Base Charleston, SC, is named after Robert D. Gaylor, the fifth chief master sergeant of the Air Force. This facility normally serves about 5000 meals per week to Airmen, contractors and civilians; however, during Air Force Reserve Drill weekends, that number increases drastically, increasing the average number of meals served to about 6000 per week.

Mr. Don Bernardo, the General Manager of the Gaylor Dining Facility said, “Traditionally, the weekends are a little bit slower because so many people eat off base, and the people who are on the base during the week, like contractors, are off on weekends.” He further explained, “Weekend counts are normally much lower than the normal weekdays,” so, when the dining facility hosts drill weekends, the numbers grow exponentially.

Since the Air Force-wide Food 2.0 renovations that occurred in early 2019, the facility offers a variety of options, to include dine-in, take-out, sweet treats, and several healthy choices. These renovations were designed to provide better culinary training to the Airmen and members working on base, as well as to give the Joint Base Charleston (JBC) community members an enhanced dining experience where food quality is of the essence and more nutritious meals are provided.

Technical Sgt. Nicholas Priest, a reservist from the 4th Combat Camera Squadron is a fan of what the Gaylor Dining facility offers during his drill weekends. “I really appreciate that while I’m here during drill, I have healthier options to choose from, since sometimes during my travel here from D.C., the airport food isn’t the most nutritious,” Priest said.

The Gaylor Dining Facility alters their menu and services during drill weekends to more effectively accommodate the influx of personnel utilizing the facility during that time. While the dining facility (DFAC) normally offers a full menu from the “N’Rich Grill,” to include options like teriyaki bowls that are completely customizable, during drill weekends there is a set menu usually offering regular burgers, veggie burgers, fries and sweet potato fries that are pre-made, wrapped, and ready to grab-and-go. The pizza and sub-station remain open as well as the traditional entrée line and salad bar.

”Because of the sheer volume, especially for lunch, we have to consolidate a couple of our stations in order to provide those services,” Mr. Bernardo said. He added, “We do select the most popular items at those stations and provide those, and we open an additional entrée line.”

Regardless of the slightly modified menu and influx of people using the DFAC, the facility remains open during normal business hours for active duty and reservists alike. For more information on The Robert D. Gaylor Dining Facility visit https://usafdining-charleston.catertrax.com/

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