Fort McCoy food service team steps up to support training

Photo By Scott Sturkol | The dining facility in building 1872, shown here July 16, 2020, at Fort McCoy, Wis., will get use for the first time in late August 2020 since the facility construction was completed earlier in the year. This is one of the newest dining facilities at Fort McCoy. The Fort McCoy Logistics Readiness Center Food Services Division manages the facility. (U.S. Army Photo by Scott T. Sturkol, Public Affairs Office, Fort McCoy, Wis.)

As the training volume continues to grow at Fort McCoy, Fort McCoy Food Program Manager Rick Runnion with the Logistics Readiness Center (LRC) said his team is staying busy making sure the troops have what they need for food and related supplies.

Since training returned in July, team members with the LRC Food Services Division have had the dining facility in building 50 operational for garrison personnel as well as for troops completing transient-troop and institutional training on post.

“We have a lot of the same COVID safety procedures remaining the same as we’ve had in the past,” Runnion said. “We returned to operations July 7, and our operations tempo remains high.”

A dining facility remained opened for use on Fort McCoy through April 17 — well after the COVID-19 pandemic response had started in March, Runnion said. During that time, they learned how to best set up operations to prevent spread of the COVID-19 virus and still support their customers.

These safety measures include having signs about social distancing and encouraging customers to stand 6 feet apart while waiting in lines. “There’s tape on the ground in dining facilities to help facilitate and encourage patrons to do as needed,” Runnion said.

Runnion said they also have additional measures in place for customers and staff.

“These measures include hand-washing stations outside entrances, encouraging diners to maintain the required social distance, limiting self-service items, and more,” Runnion said. “Additionally, our food-service workers maintain the required social distancing when preparing meals, and they wear additional personal protective equipment, including masks.”

Through August and into September, Runnion said he expects the operations tempo to remain high. In addition to the dining facility in building 50 being in use, units at the installation for training and related activity will be using dining facilities in buildings 2472, 2674, 1872, and 1672.

“A majority of our requests are remote-site feeding with units picking up food service from the dining facility and eating in their training areas,” Runnion said.

Some of the institutional training being supported includes training at Regional Training Site-Medical, Regional Training Site-Maintenance, and the Fort McCoy Noncommissioned Officer Academy.

“The employees on this team — they are all very patriotic,” Runnion said. “I appreciate their dedication to doing their job and doing it well for the Fort McCoy community. We also all know to maintain flexibility and adjust to the changes as they come. Morale is good with all the staff. We have a very important mission, and we will continue to do it.”

Located in the heart of the upper Midwest, Fort McCoy is the only U.S. Army installation in Wisconsin.

The installation has provided support and facilities for the field and classroom training of more than 100,000 military personnel from all services each year since 1984.

Learn more about Fort McCoy online at, on Facebook by searching “ftmccoy,” and on Twitter by searching “usagmccoy.”

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