Spangdahlem Mosel Dining Facility Joins the OZZI Movement

Photo By Staff Sgt. Robin Strickland | A U.S. Air Force Airman assigned to the 52nd Fighter Wing processes a request for a reusable OZZI tray, Mar. 17, 2020, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. These reusable food trays significantly cut down on waste and will save the Air Force thousands of dollars each year on procurement costs for styrafoam boxes. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Robin Strickland)



Story by Staff Sgt. Robin Strickland 

AFN Spangdahlem 

When sitting down for a warm meal at the dining facility (DFAC), improving the environment may be the farthest thing from an airman’s mind. Thanks to the new OZZI system at the Spangdahlem Air Base DFAC, airmen can not only do both of these things, but save the Air Force money at the same time.
“The purpose of the OZZI machine is to help reduce waste by eliminating the traditional styrafoam to-go boxes,” said Airman First Class Chase Dougherty, 52nd Force Support Squadron Food Service Journeyman. “We used to give out individual styrafoam boxes, but now our airmen can get these reusable boxes that significantly cut down on waste and cost. And we’re all about protecting the environment.”
The OZZI machine also directly benefits the installation it services by saving money on procurement costs.
“We used innovation funds to procure this machine, which has already started to be used on other bases,” stated Dougherty. “Their data showed how beneficial the machine is. Each OZZI machine saves its base roughly $90K a year, which goes right back into improving the base.”
These new, green to-go boxes are made from recycle plastic and are designed to be washed and reused indefinitely. But that’s not their only benefit. “They’re also a lot more durable and protect your food better and the seal prevents leaks and spills,” Dougherty remarked, “so they’re just better all around.”
Upon sign-up, an individual is given a token that is used to operate the OZZI machine. The token is fed into the machine and a sanitized tray is ejected. These to-go trays are then used by airmen to take food back to their dorm or to be enjoyed in the facility. If a token is lost, they can be repurchased for $1.
But how are the airmen responding to the new system? “We’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback,” Dougherty exclaimed. “Most everyone has already signed up and started utilizing the OZZI machine and the people I’ve spoken to all said they would never go back to using the old boxes.”
To join the OZZI movement, simply stop by the DFAC and ask to fill out the quick sign-up form.

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