Breaking Bread with the Pols!

U.S. Army Sgt. Christiana Oberle, baking section noncommissioned officer and Staff Sgt. Brian Weeks, administration noncommissioned officer in charge, both with the 55th Quartermaster Company (Field Feeding Company), 16th Special Troops Battalion, take bread out of the oven in preparation to serve it to rotational U.S Forces during a bread baking event with the 1th Pomeranian Logistics Brigade at Drawsko Promorskie training area, Poland Aug. 8, 2020. This event provided both the U.S. and Polish the opportunity to enhance cultural relations. (Courtesy photo)



Story by Staff Sgt. Sinthia Rosario  

16th Sustainment Brigade 

DRAWSKO PROMORSKIE, Poland – The 55th and 221st Quartermaster Company’s represented the 16th Sustainment Brigade at Drawsko Promorskie training area Aug. 8, to engage in a capabilities demonstration from the Polish 1th Pomeranian Logistics Brigade.

In an effort to increase interoperability and mutual understanding with our allies the Soldiers had the chance to see the field baking equipment in action and try their hand in using it! The equipment is capable of producing over 110 loaves an hour with just a three man team. The bread is a simple recipe of water, flour, salt and yeast and is typically served in conjunction with a hot meal.

Staff Sgt. Brian Weeks, administration noncommissioned officer in charge with the 55th Quartermaster Company (Field Feeding Company), was intrigued by the simple, yet effective recipe.

“The bread is really high in nutrients, it is simple but provides a lot of energy to the Soldier.” “This is crucial in a stressful environment.”
With the help of the 1st Log, the 16th Sustainment Brigade team assisted in baking over 550 loaves of bread to increase the morale of the rotational unit of American troops! The commitment and passion of the Polish troops to a staple in the national diet was astounding to see on display.

As the Army’s operating environments become more complex it is crucial to continue molding and strengthening our existing partnerships. Something every culinary specialist knows is there are few things that unite a diverse set of people like quality homemade food.

To the culinary specialists this was a great opportunity to share in and learn Polish culture. This is a great example of a people first approach by the Polish army and is emulated by our culinary specialists through practices like “soul food” days and extravagant holiday meals.

Sgt. Christiana Oberle, a noncommissioned officer in the baking section with the 55th QM, related the Polish baking experience to the handmade pastries in the restaurant.

“I like the field baking!” “It’s like the handmade pastries we make in the DFAC (dining facility) which are special because it allows me to put more love and care into my work.”

As the Army prepares for a near-peer adversary and moves towards a focus on austere training environments it is important for sustainers to find new and innovative ways to continue providing first class support. Meals are an integral piece of moral and by learning how other countries intertwine culture with sustainment we strengthen our bond with our allies and attain a better a mastery of our skills.

Story by: 2nd Lt. Christopher Adams

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