Navy Exchange Service Command Ships 60 Turkeys to Overseas U.S. Embassy just in time for Thanksgiving

Photo By Kristine Sturkie | Personnel from the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) Distribution Center in Bahrain finished preparing shipment of 60 turkeys to the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, for Thanksgiving. On Nov. 18, 60 butterball turkeys on six pallets were delivered to the embassy's door. NEXCOM is comprised of 14,000 personnel worldwide facilitating six business lines, NEX retail stores, the Navy Lodge Program, Telecommunications Program, Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility, Ships Store Program and the Uniform Program Management Office. (U.S. Navy photo by NEXCOM Public Affairs/Released)



Story by Kristine Sturkie 

Navy Exchange Service Command 

The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM) shipped 60 turkeys to the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, for Thanksgiving. NEXCOM arranged all the coordination and provided door to door service for 60 butterball turkeys packed in dry ice.

Facing container shipping delays and a Thanksgiving without turkey, the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, turned to NEX Bahrain for assistance. NEX Bahrain and the local NEXCOM Distribution Center in Bahrain worked together to ensure that their fellow Americans had a Thanksgiving with the quintessential main course. On Nov. 6, the embassy contacted NEX Bahrain and by Nov. 19, 60 butterball turkeys on six pallets were delivered to their door.

“It was truly a team effort between the Distribution Center and NEX Bahrain, and while it may seem minor, I know what it means to have a little taste of home especially when living overseas,” said Frank Scott, Logistics Manager, NEXCOM Bahrain Distribution Center. “Those individuals work hard for our nation and what they do is so important, so I was proud to provide a little bit holiday cheer to their Thanksgiving!”

After receiving the inquiry on Nov. 6, NEXCOM Bahrain Distribution Center researched and was able to locate a company in Bahrain that could handle the shipment and with assistance from NEX Bahrain made all the necessary arrangements.

“NEXCOM serves U.S. military families and civil servants all over the world, it’s our mission and we’re honored to help in any way,” said Greg Kilduff, Vice President, Logistics for NEXCOM. “Our NEXCOM teams overseas strive to ensure we provide that quality of life benefit to boost morale, especially during the holiday season when so many are far from loved ones and the comfort of home. Projects like this, it’s what we do, and I’m really proud of the team for making this happen.”

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