Garrison welcomes new MWR eatery to Wiesbaden community

Patrons enjoy free coffee and pastries during the Grand Opening of MWR's new District Breakfast & Lunch on April 6, 2021. (Photo Credit: Photo by Karl Weisel)

WIESBADEN, Germany – Free pastries, freshly brewed coffee and a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 6, 2021, marked the grand opening of the Wiesbaden military community’s latest food and beverage option – the District Breakfast and Lunch at the Mainz-Kastel Storage Station.

U.S. Army Garrison Commander Col. Mario Washington, Command Sgt. Maj. Christopher Truchon and Deputy Garrison Commander Scott Mowry joined District Concessionaire Sobara Odisho to officially open the facility, which began serving customers on March 15.

“We’re trying to make sure we have the support structures in place,” said the garrison commander, recognizing the need to provide local food and beverage options for the service members and civilians who work and visit the installation in Mainz-Kastel. “This is another way to support the community.”

Providing nutritional fare and a variety of food and beverage options goes a long way to enhancing quality of life for those serving in the garrison, officials said.

“MWR provides us with that opportunity to answer all of those calls,” Washington added.

“We’re doing our best to serve the Soldiers and civilians,” said Odisho. “We asked customers what they would like and we used feedback from those customers to adjust our menu offerings.

“We also wanted to offer something traditional and nutritious that you would find here in Germany,” the concessionaire said, explaining that German pastries, croissants, pretzels, soups, salads and other items reflect that service.

The Odisho family has a wealth of experience serving patrons. They currently operate MWR’s Dagger Cantina in Darmstadt-Griesheim and formerly worked with the Exchange providing breakfast items at Clay Kaserne’s Food Court.

“We’re excited,” Odisho said, adding that customers have expressed their pleasure at having a local option for breakfast and lunch. “They’re happy to have something here without having to drive off of the installation.”

“They make a good sandwich,” said U.S. Army Europe’s Capt. Domenic Luciani. “Their breakfasts are warm and good. They are always quick, and it is delicious.”

Luciani added that having the new eatery on the installation “is really convenient.”

“The residents of Mainz-Kastel Storage Station have been asking for a food and beverage service for a while now, and I am pleased to say MWR made that happen,” said Wiesbaden MWR’s Business Operations Division Chief Mark Smith.

MWR is always looking at ways to enhance the quality of life for members of U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden, Smith added, thanking the Garrison Command Team, MWR Lodge Maintenance Team, Directorate of Public Works, Directorate of Emergency Service (Fire Department), NAF Contracting, MWR’s Business Operations Division, Program Manager, Corinna Faulk and the concessionaire for ensuring the success of the new endeavor.

District Breakfast and Lunch, located in Building 4019 on Mainz-Kastel Storage Station, is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. It is closed on weekends and federal holidays.

With COVID-19 mitigation measures still in effect, only grab and go service is currently available. Once those measures are lifted, patrons will be welcome to dine both inside and outside the facility.

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