Fort Hood Soldiers come out on top at Fort Lee

FORT HOOD, TX, UNITED STATES 09.01.2021 Photo by Sgt. Melissa Lessard III Corps Subscribe11 From Left to right, Chief Warrant officer 2 Nicholas Snyder 69 Air Defense Artillery Brigade, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Kenneth Hicks, the Army food advisor for the Sustainment Center of Excellence, and Chief Warrant officer 2 Lance Thomas, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, pose for a photo, at Fort Lee, VA, Sep. 1, 2021. Thomas earned honor graduate during the course. (Courtesy photo)



Story by Sgt. Melissa Lessard 

III Corps 

By: Sgt. Melissa Lessard III Corps Public Affairs

Warrant officers are known to be the best experts in their field. Technicians and advisors in every sense of the word. On Sep. 1 two Fort Hood Soldiers graduated at the top of their class in their field, food service, during the Warrant Officer Advanced Course in Fort Lee, Va.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Nicholas Snyder, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade graduated as a distinguished graduate, and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Lance Thomas, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, graduated as an honor graduate.

“The course is an integral part of our career progression as we transition into the senior level potions and assignments as field grade warrant officers,” said Thomas.

What exactly do senior-level foodservice warrant officers face on a day-to-day basis?

“Imagine that 5,000 people are going to the National Training Center for an entire month,” Snyder said. “We have to advise and prepare for where to sleep, where to eat, what food will be available, where will their water be, the routes to take.”

He explained that it is like planning a trip to the grocery store. What will be the time of day, is there traffic, do you already have food at home, what exactly do you need for the meal, do you have the money, then how long is this trip overall?

While the course offered a plethora of information, both Soldiers had their favorite aspects of training.

“My favorite classroom portion of the course was support operations that were challenging and in-depth on how we integrate and support our command to achieve success through all levels of warfare,” Snyder said.

“Sharing my professional journey and unique experience with a group of some of the most dynamic, talented, and polished warrant officers the Army has to offer,” said Thomas.

While the duo enjoyed their advanced training, everything comes with a challenge.

“We are used to honing our skills and expertise as food service professionals,” Snyder said. “But this ensured we operated outside of our foodservice bubble into integrated, synchronized operations to support our command across all classes of supply and overarching mission accomplishment at all levels.”

Snyder said that to get through his challenging moments he looked towards his mentors for sage advice. He thought about his unit who put him into positions of trust and responsibility. Finally, his wife Rachel, “The Rock,” supported him through the grueling eight weeks.

Both warrant officers said if there are Soldiers out there who are looking to put in their warrant packet or thinking about the advanced course to learn the craft, keep an open mind, and take on a challenge.

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