U.S. Marines celebrate the Super Bowl

Photo By Lance Cpl. Meshaq Hylton | U.S. Marines and Sailors with II Marine Expeditionary Force watch Super Bowl LVI in Setermoen, Norway, Feb. 14, 2022. The event was catered by a local food establishment and brought together Marines and Sailors from Exercise Cold Response 22 to watch the sporting event. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Meshaq Hylton)



Story by Lance Cpl. Meshaq Hylton 

II Marine Expeditionary Force 

In 1974, Patricia Sorensen started her restaurant Patricia’s Gatekjokken in Setermoen, Norway, and with this restaurant came support for the military that has lasted almost fifty years. What started out as just wanting to make a living turned out to be a thriving business that made her somewhat of a pioneer during her time– seeing as she was one of the only few women who owned a business. “It’s nice to see the Marines come back and enjoy some fresh food after they’ve been out serving”, says Anne-Lise Sorensen, Patricia’s daughter and the current owner of the restaurant.

Today, during Exercise Cold Response 22, Anne-Lise takes pride in the fact that she could provide the U.S. Marines with some fresh food for the game that Americans love to watch, the Super Bowl. Even though these Marines are away from home, training in the cold, they still found a way to feel a little at home. Anne-Lise, staying open later than she usually does to deliver pizzas to the Marines, was a polite gesture, one that the Marines of Exercise Cold Response 22 appreciated unashamedly.

“Seeing the dozens of pizza boxes come into the theater right as the National Anthem was about to start was the icing on the cake,” said Pfc. Carlos Robles, an antitank missile gunner with 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2d Marine Division. “This Super Bowl is definitely one I’ll remember for a long time.”

Marines and Sailors with Exercise Cold Response 22 enjoyed the catering and the Super Bowl the day before starting their 21-day cold weather training package. The local theater was filled with Marines cheering and taking exasperated sighs, relishing in the moment and eyeing that third slice.

“I am happy to be serving the Marines after they have been out in the cold, especially during the winter because I know how important the Super Bowl is,” says Anne-Lise. After a whole month of arctic weather training, the Marines showed a deep appreciation to the restaurant for providing them with food and drinks to enjoy themselves before they go back to their cold and rigorous training.

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