Virginia Army National Guard Soldiers hone their skills, increase their knowledge at state food service workshop

By A.J. Coyne | Virginia National Guard Public Affairs

More than 20 Virginia Army National Guard food service Soldiers from around the state participated in a food service workshop presented by the Virginia Army National Guard G4 section May 10-18, 2022, at the State Military Reservation in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In an effort to assist Soldiers in their proficiency in their MOS, half of the week-long course was focused on administrative tasks and half was focused familiarization and knowledge of field equipment.

“When you go to the field you have to make sure all your field equipment is properly PMCSd [preventive maintenance checks and services],” said Sgt. 1st Class Christopher M. Madera, senior state food service noncommissioned officer in charge. “For example, you have to make sure all the people are licensed so that no one Soldier is stuck doing all the driving. To be well rounded you should know how to drive and PMCS every type of equipment.”

During the workshop Soldiers were reacquainted with employing the Multi-Temperature Refrigerated Container System, the Assault Kitchen, the Mobile Kitchen Trailer and the Containerized Kitchen Trailer. Not only did they refamiliarize themselves on how to use the systems, but also the proper way to set them up and tear them down while in the field.

They also conducted sessions on nutritional and menu standards, food service sanitation, procedures for food service administration and generator training and licensing.
There was also a practical exercise on handling grocery requests.

The workshop is traditionally conducted yearly, according to Madera, usually before annual training “so the Soldiers can be certified in field sanitation and refresh their familiarity with the paperwork and equipment before they head to the field for two weeks.”

It’s a valuable training opportunity for the Soldiers and the workshop is also an opportunity for senior leaders to remind junior Soldiers the importance of their mission.

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