Defense Logistics Agency Makes Thanksgiving Meals Possible Worldwide



The Defense Logistics Agency has helped ensure over 360,000 pounds of food have been delivered or are projected to arrive by Thanksgiving eve this year with planning beginning months in advance.

The Subsistence supply chain team at DLA Troop Support typically begins the process as early as spring for overseas orders and late summer for orders in the continental U.S. by obtaining customer forecasts for their orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Uniformed service members stand next to a person who is sitting down.


“I feel extremely blessed in making sure that our service members receive the meal that they’re accustomed to having,” said DLA Troop Support’s Subsistence Division Chief of Outside Continental U.S. Customer Operations Robin Whaley. “I’ve had the honor of traveling to a lot of locations overseas and eating in those dining facilities, knowing that I’m part of the process—because it’s not just one individual, this takes a whole team effort.”

Working far in advance allows the subsistence supply chain the flexibility to deliver reliable solutions even in the event of adjusting for emerging warfighter needs and supply chain setbacks.

“The comfort of having a holiday meal when you’re away from your family is very important to all of our servicemen and women,” said DLA Troop Support’s Subsistence Division Chief of CONUS Customer Operations Robbin Durie. “I am extremely proud of my team for working so diligently to make that happen.”


A large group of people, including civilians and uniformed service members, sit and eat at several tables in a cafeteria.


This year, service members around the world received an estimated:

  • 28,945 whole turkeys.
  • 82,592 pounds of roasted turkeys.
  • 145,760 pounds of beef.
  • 70,957 pounds of ham.
  • 40,534 pounds of shrimp.
  • 5,007 pounds of sweet potatoes.
  • 46,464 pies and cakes.
  • 7,407 cans of eggnog.
  • And many other holiday treats.


Several plates, plated with Thanksgiving-themed food items, sit on a decorated table.


As the nation’s combat logistics support agency, DLA has been managing the global supply chain – from raw materials to end user disposition – for the U.S. military around the world for over 60 years. DLA also leverages our unique capabilities to support the growing whole-of-government mission with other federal, state and local agencies and partner and allied nations.

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