Teamwork, dedication and the love of food

CAMP PENDLETON, VA, UNITED STATES 07.24.2019 Photo by Master Sgt. Paula Aragon 150th Special Operations Wing Subscribe 6 Technical Sgt. Kristin Schmidt, 210th RED HORSE, slices up some chocolate cake. The cake is the dessert that will compliment the lunch meal. This training was done on June 24, 2019 at Camp Pendleton, Va. (Photo by Master Sgt. Paula Aragon)



Story by Master Sgt. Paula Aragon 

150th Special Operations Wing

CAMP PENDELTON, VIRGINIA – Food is what brings people together and creates an atmosphere of common ground. The 150th Special Operations Wing Force Support Squadron and members from the 210th and 203rd REDHORSE Services provide the nourishment needed to the Airmen who will be working on the job site.
Not only is this an on-the-job training for those at the job site, it is also a way to add training for the food service members. The group has some seasoned personnel as well as individuals who are new to going on a temporary duty assignment (TDY). They will truly get the true meaning of on-the-job training.
Technical Sgt. Darrell Bohman takes a couple of the newer Airmen and shows them the finer points of how to read a food thermometer. He explains the importance of this to them. He wants them to be aware of how quickly food can go from being edible to spoiled and causing food poisoning. Safety for the people they serve is top priority.
Some of the other members are in the kitchen being busy bees and preparing the food for the two meals that they serve daily – breakfast and lunch. Today’s breakfast meals consisted of eggs, sausage, waffles, hash browns, fresh fruits, and coffee. The crew comes, gets their meal and sits at the tables discussing they days plans. The services crew eats when everyone else has been served.
Once they have finished, the team washes dishes, clears the food and sanitizes the surfaces, then they break for a bit, before they start the lunch meal. Lunch was spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and a salad. In true fashion, they ensure the team is fed before they eat their meal together. The teamwork they show is evident and goes without saying.
“It’s always an eye-opening experience to have the opportunity to work with other units and people from different parts of the world,” said Staff Sgt. Tatiana Forster, 203rd REDHORSE. “You learn so much from one another.”
Learning and safety are always on the forefront whenever they go TDY. They know when they are tasked to go, their job will be to provide food that will provide the nourishment needed for the crews working at the job site. But it is not all work with no play.
TDYs such as this also allow them to get to know another part of the country. Being here in Virginia offers them the chance to go see the ocean, put their toes in the sand and soak up the local flare. Trying something new and creating memories will give these military members an idea of what camaraderie is about.
“It’s been a great experience, I’ve met new people and I’ve enjoyed being here in Virginia Beach,” exclaimed Airmen First Class Hailey Suazo, 210th REDHORSE.

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