Sodexo’s ‘Charge by Sodexo’ App Launching Aug. 24



Story by Lance Cpl. Ginnie Lee 

Marine Corps Installations East

Sodexo is set to launch a new application to make eating at the dining facilities around Marine Corps Installations East dining facilities a more informative and enjoyable experience. The app, “Charge by Sodexo”, will go live Aug. 24, 2020, and will provide customers access to each mess halls’ menu and nutrition facts up to nine days in advance and allows customer feedback to better understand and provide quality assurance to service members.

To kick off the app launch, there will be an event hosted at the French Creek 65 Mess Hall on MCB Camp Lejeune at 11:00 on Aug. 24, 2020. Sodexo will be giving away free merchandise such as spinners, pens, travel cups, phone accessories and backpacks for the Marines who have downloaded the app.

“With everything going into the digital world, Sodexo wanted to adapt to today’s market with the intent to give the Marines access to information about the menus and nutrition to allow them the opportunity to view the menus beforehand and decide where they would like to dine depending on their personal food preferences,” said Mark Sigler, district director for Sodexo, MCB Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station New River and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.

According to Sigler, the app will feature geo-location or installation name and mess hall to view local menus from specialty bars, caloric intake information, nutrition facts and feedback.

“The Marine Corps prides itself on planning, so I absolutely believe that Marines and Sailors are going to benefit a great deal from this application,” said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Christopher Tijerino, a food service officer with French Creek 65 Mess Hall on MCB Camp Lejeune. “Marines are going to have an extra tool that will enable them to not only plan their meals to be health conscious with what they are eating, but also allow them to plan for time management.”

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