NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Navy Food Management Team Holds Training in Rota

Photo By Thomas Kreidel | Senior Chief Culinary Specialist Ariel Coley conducts training during a recent visit to Naval Station Rota.



Story by Thomas Kreidel 


A team from the NAVSUP FLC Norfolk Navy Food Management Team traveled to Rota, Spain last month to conduct training with culinary specialists, retail service specialists and food service attendants at ship and shore based galleys.
According to Senior Chief Culinary Specialist Ariel Coley, the team held training April 1 through 14 on USS Roosevelt (DDG 80), USS Paul Ignatius (DDG 117) and USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51). Additionally, training visits were held at Camp Mitchell and the galley at Naval Station Rota.
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Aleithia Castro, Tom Cecil and Machinist’s Mate Second Class Hiram LugoSanchez joined Coley during the visit.
“There are several items that we are able to see and capture in a face to face environment,” Coley explained. “Face to face training gives an honest assessment of how an operation is running in a day to day operation and allows us, as trainers, to see and experience how healthy the food production is and how sanitation standards are maintained and utilized.”
The training covered a wide variety of subjects, including mess deck master-at-arms, food service attendant procedures, sanitation, food production, equipment, bulk storeroom custodian, food preparation worksheets and records.
Overall, more than 100 Sailors received training and Coley says they were very engaged during the sessions, asking questions and gaining hands on experience in processes and procedures.
“We are very proud of the knowledge, experience and technical acumen our team can provide to the fleet,” Coley said. “Our job is to train. That’s what our team prides itself on.”

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